My LSAT Taking Experience: September 2017

My dream of being an attorney is actually nothing new. I’ve somewhat always wanted to be one.
If you ask my parents, teachers, or any principal that ever had the joy of being assigned to me, they will tell you I was just BORN to be one.

I’ve studied for the LSAT multiple times, then got distracted and did something else for awhile. I would go back to it, even sign up for a class, then casually get distracted again.

This time though, is the first time I actually signed up for the test prior to studying.

I signed up to take the September LSAT.
The first thing I did after signing up, was sign up for my Prep Course.

I decided on an in-person Power Score class as this seemed to be the best route for me. It was nearly three months long, and would consume almost 12 hours a week minimum. First there is the actual class, then the mountain of homework to do for the class. Casual.

P.S There are plenty of other courses offered by Power Score that are not as time consuming/time constricting as the in-person course. There are also tons of other companies other than Power Score that I have heard great things about. PowerScore just happened to be what was best for me. 

After stuDYING my way through this course, the Water God’s had an ulterior plan for me and the September LSAT. Its name….. Hurricane Harvey.

(This is a picture of the highway I drive every single day. This is the town I grew up in and love more than anything.)
Two weeks before I was to sit for the LSAT, Harvey ravaged my city, my hometown, and ultimately my parents home, where my husband and I were living.

I desperately attempted to study.
Yall…..I’m talking desperately. I even used an oil lamp when our power went out.
When I eventually evacuated, I had my books in my backpack.
Your girl was bound and stubbornly determined to take this test.

LSAC also had other plans…. #cuejeapordymusic
LSAC took forever and a day to let us know whether we would be taking this test or not.
I didn’t find out if I was truly going to be able to take this test until 3 days before.
Talk about stressed out.

My actual September LSAT taking experience was nerve-racking but pleasant. I highly suggest taking your LSAT at South Texas College of Law if you have the opportunity.
The lay out of South Texas is very effective for these type of test, and they are extremely organized.
The testing room was very comfortable, and best of all VERY quiet.

All in all, I ended up taking the December LSAT, as I don’t feel that my score was quite what it could have been due to Harvey Stress.

If you are considering taking the LSAT, sign up for the South Texas testing center when available. I’ll discuss in my December LSAT post, why South Texas is the top choice for testing!

Good Luck to everyone taking this beast of a test! You’ll do amazing!
If you have any questions about taking the LSAT, feel free to leave a comment or message me.
I’d love to help you out!


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