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How To Get The Farmhouse Look On A Budget

Like most first time home buyers, my husband and I are currently extremely budget conscious. Having a mortgage, and utilities can really drain your bank account!

Also like most home owners, we want our home to be spectacular looking.
The farmhouse look is supposedly the current “trend” but in my family it isn’t. Both of my parents grew up with large farm homes in their families. My Great-Great Aunt Irene’s home from the 1800’s has the look and feel of a Joanna Gaines inspiration home. It just has a little bit more of the vintage look.

Naturally, my home was going to have the farmhouse look. It’s a look that I love, and coming from a family with these large homes, we have a lot of vintage pieces that will look great in my home, after some updating though.

The farmhouse look does not at all have to cost you an arm and a leg. You can find TONS of great pieces on sale, or even ridiculously cheap. Today, I’m here to tell you how to get that look when you’re balling on a budget like me!

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby Clearance is where it is at. I always find great finds here. I’ve bought so many items in my home from the clearance aisle it is hard to keep track. To find the best finds, pop in early mornings, and on a Monday. Monday is the first day of their new sale items, so they mark clearance down the Saturday before. (At least that’s what happens at my store)
I’ve bought multiple signs for less that $10, and some pieces of furniture for less than $50, so be sure to check them out.


This is another store that is really just top notch for the farmhouse look. Kirkland’s recently game out with a line called The Gathering Place, which is basically all farmhouse inspired items. They even have galvanized Silos that I am in love with. I’ve linked all my favorite finds on another blog post. Just click on the link below, and it will take you right there.
Sale Saturday: Kirklands 


These are new for me, and when I went to my first one, I spent $100 and left with a trailer full of items. SAS Auctions is the company I follow, and they are out of East Texas. If you live in the Palestine, TX area, this is where most of their auctions take place.
Obviously that is a small demographic of people, but if you look up auctions in your area you will be able to find a company that host them.
Estate Auctions, and well as “Clean Out” Auctions are where you can find the best finds, as they have TONS of vintage pieces that are in impeccable condition.

Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores are just always a good place to find the most random items. The Chive even does a whole post over Thrift Store Finds. It’s quite hilarious sometimes.
But honestly, these are the best places to find unique items, but it does take time. My mom always randomly pops into her favorite one on the way home from work at least once a week. They’ve actually come to know her and what she is looking for, so they save stuff for her. So the lesson here is mostly, get in good with the staff, and they will save you the goods, Ha!


I LOVE RESTORE!!!!!!!!! I have absolutely no idea if Restore’s are a nationwide thing, but they are Texas wide. If you have any home renovation project, this is the place to go. They have everything you could ever need. Light fixtures, cabinets, mirrors, doors, shutters, dished, bathtubs, all of it. If you are renovating this is a great place to go as most of their stuff is brand new. Also if you are looking for windows or doors for a DIY project, this is the place to get them.


Lately, I have been able to find some pretty sweet deals at TJ Maxx. While I haven’t really been in the store out by new house lately(it’s still recovering from Harvey), I do enjoy TJ Maxx online! They have tons of items online, even ones that are not in the store so it’s another great place to shop.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you have the best of time decorating your home while still staying in budget.