Houston Brunch Places You Must Try 

If you know me, you know that Brunch is literally my favorite meal. I’m always down to brunch, any day. In my brunching expeditions, I have discovered some unique places with unique menu items that are just to die for. I’ve decided to share these little gems with you, and hope you get to try some of my favs soon!

2356 Rice Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005

This is by far my favorite brunch spot in Houston. Located in my favorite part of the city, West University/Rice Village, Hungry’s is just simply fabulous. My friends and I spent over five hours here one day, taking in the mimosa flights, bomb food, and wonderful atmosphere. Recently, Hungry’s was renovated to include the upstairs patio, and let me tell you, what a game changer. I highly recommend getting the full glass flight mimosas, and Belgian Waffle. If you’re more of an egg person, my girl Lauren (@wanderlaur) said that her imported ham and cheese omelet was top notch. Plus, If you find yourself sticking around for awhile and need a snack, the Brussels Sprouts are LIFE!
Hope to see you at Hungry’s!

Fielding’s Local Kitchen
26400 Kuykendahl Rd,
Tomball, TX 77375

Obviously Lauren is my go to brunch buddy, and we recently tried this new location for Fielding’s and it did not disappoint!
If you’re into Bloody Mary’s they have a Bloody Mary flight that incorporates so many different flavors, including a smoky one. Lauren enjoyed the mimosa flight, which is also a delectable assortment of flavors! I mean Lemon cello Mimosas, come on!
We both enjoyed omelets, and they were literally the best omelette s I’ve ever had.(and I’m not an egg person) The goat cheese omelet is stellar, and it’s the perfect amount of food and flavor. Lauren grubbed on the cheese and chive that was equally delish.
Lauren and I are also coffee people, so we also gave that a try. Lauren sucked up the caffeine in the French Press and I gained caffeine energy from the cappuccino. Lauren and I both agreed it was some of the best coffee we have ever had. No joke! To know how serious we are, Lauren’s Mom is known to have some amazing imported Colombian coffee on hand at all times, and this tops even that!!!
Fielding’s is a tad out of the way if you’re in the inner loop, so if you ever find yourself in the northern part of Houston venture here to get your brunch fill!


Brick House
Multiple Locations

Y’all bare with me on this one. I know that Brick House is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be your glass of Cider Sangria. Brick House has an out of this world brunch. It’s something I will actually wait  for, which is a miracle. First of all, their mimosas are only $2. For an extra $2 you can add peach schnapps to yours and have yourself a tasty treat. Their Bloody Good Mary literally comes with a dang near full array of appetizers on top of it: deviled egg, salami, smoked cheddar & an olive skewer. Best of all right now, they have their winter drink menu which includes a Cider Sangria, that taste like a wonderful fall/winter mix of life.
But let’s get down to what really matter, the food. While I’m not an egg person, I’m an eggs benedict kind of gal. I know, strange. Brickhouse’s Southern Fried Chicken Benedict is my go-to. The chicken has just the right amount of spices and the bread that comes with it, drool.
If you’re looking for a sweet treat, my husband usually gets the Grand Mariner French Toast. The apples are superbly sweetened, and it’s a generous portion of toast. The crispy potatoes are both of ours top choice when it comes to sides. Add some Tabasco to them like I do, or ketchup like my husband and you’ll find yourself with an amazing brunch meal.
P.S Brickhouse has recently been bought out by Landry’s, so if you haven’t ventured in their lately or had a poor experience I advise you to give it another shot. Their staff, and atmosphere have drastically changed.

2424 Dunstan
Houston, TX  77005

I usually go to Benjy’s in Rice Village with my best friend Cloie. She is very health conscious, and was raised on a mostly Paleo diet, so this place is amazing for her. Cloie is usually doing a Whole 30 when we go to Benjy’s, and this is the perfect place for her.
My top drink choices are the Winter Sangria, and the Cinnamon Toast Krunked. The Cinnamon Toast Krunked is a homage to my favorite cereal. It combines Houston’s Yellow Rose whiskey (which has a lovely distillery tour as well), pecan coffee, maple syrup, and cinnamon. Yeah, I know it sounds delicious, and trust me it is.
Our go to food is a mix between:
The Egg White Frittata, that includes bok choy (one of my favorite vegetables) and chimichurri
The French Toast, that includes the most basic thing of all, pumpkin butter.
The Benjy’s Chopped Salad. This is such a great mix of flavors when it comes to a salad. The balsamic vinaigrette is such an instant flavor boost, and adds amazingly to the rest of the flavors.
Benjy’s atmosphere is also an amazing perk, and very mellow. Easy place to talk, and reconnect with your girlfriends!


Ninfa’s on Navigation
2704 Navigation Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77003

Orginally, when I think of Ninfa’s I think of:
1. The random Mexican place in the mall food court.
2. The place I used to day drink at in College Station because that’s where my BF at the time loved to go.
But Ninfa’s on Navigation is not what you think, because it certainly wasn’t what I thought. This is a Houston hotspot, and is known to most locals.
This is a family hotspot for us, and while it looks small from the outside there is plenty of room for a larger group.
Let’s get right down to business with the drinks.
My mom has a weird obsession with Horchata. We are a Polish family, who has the typical Polish staples in their house, then oddly, we also always have Horchata on hand. This brings me to the fact that Ninfa’s has Horchata Borracha, a mix of Horchata, Tequila, and Kahlua. My mom LOVES this drink and it goes down so smooth.
Next up is what I order, the Bloody Maria. This is Ninfa’s spin on the Bloody Mary, and instead of using Vodka, we have tequila!!! It’s not your typical Bloody Mary, which makes it a must-try if you’re a self-proclaimed Bloody Mary connoisseur such as myself.
The food is always premo here, and the Tacos Con Huevos is my step-dad’s go-to. I swear this man eats so much Tex-Mex it’s ridiculous, and after working at the border for sometime, he knows good Tex-Mex when he has it. He recommends these tacos with Chorizo, if you can handle Chorizo. If not, the bacon tacos are still pretty good.
I usually partake in the Mexican FlatBread which is a good mix for me. Not too much Egg, but just enough of everything else.
Ninfa’s on Navigation has History, and you can usually catch a street market happening. It’s a great place to start one of your weekend days and then explore EaDo!


I hope you enjoyed learning about my top brunch spots!
Leave a comment and let me know your go to brunch places around town!

Happy Brunching!

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