5 Things You Learn When You Have An Autistic Sibling

I have an older sister. Her name is Angela, and she lives in Alabama. She’s a high school graduate, and enjoys crafting. She’s had a rockstar boyfriend for almost 6 years now.
She’s also autistic, and she has taught me so many things in life that it was hard to narrow down just 5 to share with yall.

1. Autism is what my sister has, not who my sister is.

While my sister is autistic, she is also a million other things. Angela is the most caring person I’ve ever met. She also is extremely creative, and enjoys making things for other people. While some people see my sister as a disorder, especially after meeting her, that’s not who she is as a person.

2. People are overly sensitive to Autism.

What I mean by overly sensitive is that people seem to think they know tons about autism. They also seem to act differently to people with Autism. Here’s some things you need to know:
No, vaccines did not cause my sister’s autism.
No, my sister is not non-verbal. She literally talks all the time. There are also varying degrees of Autism, hence why it’s called a spectrum disorder.
Yes, my sister knows she’s autistic. She will let you know.
Yes, my sister also knows when you’re talking down to her after you discovered she’s autistic. She will be rude to you if you do this to her.

3. Your sibling is your sibling. No matter if they have autism or not.

While I had to do things most siblings do not, like intentionally hit my sister due to her fixation with the sun, we also do the same things that other siblings do.
We fight just like sisters. She gets on my last nerve, and I get on hers. We also love like sisters and she easily gives the best hugs.

4. You learn to laugh.

My sister does not understand social cues, at all. She does not understand when things are appropriate or inappropriate to say. This also means she has ZERO filter.
There are many of times that my sister says what everyone in the room is thinking, and my mom and I just laugh.
With an autistic sibling, you learn to roll with it. I don’t apologize for my sister’s behavior, or act embarrassed, because why should I? My sister is who she is, and she doesn’t apologize for it, nor do I.

5. My sister is one of the biggest loves of my life.

I love my sister more than life. She is easily so caring, and so emotionally in tune with people. Angela loves Jesus, and speaks to me about the Bible. She loves my husband just as much as I do. She accepted him without question. Angela is someone I aspire to be more like, and a person I wish more people were like in this world.

Like I stated in number 5, my sister is one of my greatest loves. If you have a sibling with Autism and need an ear, reach out to me. If you are a mom, and need someone to reach out to, I’ll get you together with my mom. Autism has brought me patience I never knew I had, and it has brought me together with a family I would have never known. Autism effects the whole family, and we sometimes need a helping hand with it.

Also, remember to wear blue today! If you haven’t gotten dressed yet, or you know need to change into something else, grab a blue accessory or anything and join in on World Autism Awareness Day.

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